Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beat Radio: Euphoric Beats mixed with Lovely Lyrics

Beat Radio is one of those secret-gems of a band, underground & unknown, who are consistently producing wonderful, ear-gasmic melodies. It's not every day you find a band where every beat's a hit and every hit's a smack.

The first song that I heard introducing me to this band, immediately became, and still is, one of my favorites. Mexico opens up with a simple guitar riff, eventually accompanied by the crashing sticks of a drum beat, producing a climatic build-up to the opening lyrics. This morning I woke up I had a melody in mind comes rolling into your ear canals like a tidal flood and splashes against your eardrums, followed by wave--I felt like I should sing it but I wouldn't call it mine--after wave--then I'm making coffee and then I'm making plans--of poetically--and then the song it slips away like water through my hands--vivid verse.

This song, like so many other Beat Radio songs, has such a raw feeling, both lyrically and instrumentally, to it, and that is why I think it blends together so nicely to form such an overall poignant melody and tune. The rawness of the instrument quality accompanied by the poetic lyrics sung by Brian's delicate but alluring voice, a perfectly perfect combination--hard to describe, but easily heard--is why I put this band in the top tier of current bands.

There's a handful of songs worth checking out by this band and they kindly post them (for free!)on their website for your listening pleasures.

Everything Is Temporary is another song with lyrics that tug on the sinewy strings of your heart. For me its about the painful anxiety of losing that light, that lover, that friend in your life, and the empty feelings and careless attitude that ensues.

The lyrics are lovely and build up into the uplifting acceptance of the absence of permanence in life--sung in the chorus:
"And in my secret heart, a revolution starts, the sun is burning through the clouds. We meet on Sunday night, wait for the northern lights, everything is temporary now...."

Here are a few other songs I recommend listening to:
TreeTops- a song about the difficulty of coming to terms with yourself and thinking that a past flame will make it all better.

Fearful- a song that has a slow paced, almost revolving orbit feel to it (like a slow-motion circular spinning dance with a beautiful girl)... I love the line the answers come when you embrace the mystery.

Ancient as the Stars- love the banjo in this song. The song itself grows on me every time I listen to it.

What I Love The Most- another good song with particularly good instrumentals in the background.

Anyways check out their website. They're a great band. A gem to be spread.


mjrc said...

nice to see some love for beat radio. i'm finally going to get to see them next month. and thanks for the linkage! : )

AdamK said...

well you certainly know how to make a boy jealous...I would love to seem them play live, and I even suggested they take the trip up to Montreal, but I don't think it's going to happen.

I'm a fan of your blog. It's certainly exposed me to a lot of good new bands, and it has a personal touch, or flavor of you-ness I guess you could say, to it that makes it so addictive.

mjrc said...

aw, thanks. and if it makes you feel any better, the last time they were supposed to come to philly was on valentine's day, and that show was cancelled because of the weather. i wish i could get up to nyc to see them, but it's just not as easy as it seems. : )