Sunday, February 3, 2008

Conscious Stream of Thought's Spontaneous Scream

Got bored in the library today/wasn't in the mood to study poli sci, so I decided to open up a blank doc in Word and hack away on the keys spontaneously...i've always hated structure, formality, and lengthy pretentous prose, so I tend to stick to words I like, put them together in clusters and let the reader render what they will of them. Anyways I usually don't share these random mental ejaculations, so enjoy.

Anxious panic

Glands, weeping sweat
shaking, nervous nerves

Unsettled, uneasy,

Enamored with the solitary vice of passion’s naked longing.

Cupid’s Trick

Incarnate, alluring luster
love’s binding spell

Callow, disillusioned

Clinging childishly to fate’s unknowable hand.

Painful pleasure

Spear, stinging tip
dripping emptiness

Salient, roue

Enchanting muse of raping sorrow and violent vexation.

Escape’s desire

Freedom's screaming howl
lonely, comforting isolation

Delirious, recividism

Possessed with the unbearable itch of indignation.

Hope's Surrender

Disappointment's scarring mark
the knotted sinews of a torn heart

Indelible, fainéant

Conquered soul. Perpetually ravaged by the armies of a guilty discontent.

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dj-jas said...

someone sounds frustrated.. lolz. i like "recidivism" just randomly thrown in there.