Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Kitty & The Coon

I can remember sitting up late one night back home watching a movie and hearing a series of hisses and then looking over to my back sliding door window and seeing my cat and a raccoon eating side by side out of a tuna fish can I had put out. It was a pretty funny thing to watch, because I could sense an intense animosity between the two creatures, but it seemed as though they had reached a mutual stalemate, where Hobbes, my cat, recognized that he couldn't successfully enjoy his meal with the pestering coon continuously going at his meal, so he simply relinquished his efforts to defend his food. Now the race was on to eat more tuna than the coon. I wish I could upload the video I took because it was pretty funny. But anyways the reason for this random reminiscing was inspired by this funny video I came across today. Enjoy:

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