Saturday, November 3, 2007

Forgiving is Forgetting

Just came across this on the recent vote in the UN General Assembly denouncing the US embargo on Cuba. The vote was unanimous184-4, the four being the US, Israel, Palau, and Marshall Islands and Micronesia abstained.

We're currently watching a video in class on the Cuban missile crisis and the more I've learned about the whole affair (namely CIA involvement to overthrow Castro) the less my sympathy has been on the side of the US, so for me I just don't understand why we still have an embargo...

Plenty of youtube videos available on the web if you're interested.

I think I remember this one being a decent one

Bay of Pigs:
Part 1, Part 2

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Tatarize said...

but they commies!!!11!!one!

Oddly enough if you ever travel, any point you hit non-American soil from American soil... you see a lot of Cuban Cigars. The Embargo, on top of being silly, is a joke.