Monday, November 12, 2007

Literary Device That Donates Rice!

So I recently came across this cool site which generates a word and then offers four associative/defining words that relate to the original and you have to guess (unless of course you know, in which case you select) which one is correct. According to the website for each word you get right 10 grains of rice will be donated to the U.N.

I managed to reach Vocab level 40 with a donation of 300 grains of rice. I'm not sure what the highest level is, but getting to 40 was rather challenging, and this is coming from me, Mr. word cognoscenti. ; - )

Anyways post your highest scores in the comment's section below. (Not that we should only play to earn the title of Dr. word cognoscenti, forgetting of course the greater cause: charity). I'm going to play a little more after I work on my paper for a while, so I'll see if I can beat my own record.

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