Monday, November 5, 2007

Spelunking In The Cave of the Unknown

Letter to Religion:

Dear Christianity,

Throughout history your theologian’s arguments have been based on such things as faith, un-knowledge, and the unknown, but thankfully science has been slowly illuminating these dark question-marks of religious sanctuary by continuously shining the light of inquiry and torch of explanation deep down into the depths of life's mysterious mine, exploring and uncovering the shadowy blanket of the unknown and leaving in its place a luminous wake of percipience and veritably knowable understanding.

For (theologians take note) the chief aim of Science is to plant a flag of explanation and understanding on the mountaintops of empirical data and not a flag of faith, which quells all further inquiry, in front of every deep question or seemingly bottomless mine of mystery which presents itself to us.

So please stop, I beg you, claiming god exists everytime you find a shadow of mystery to hide him in. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Your faithful non-believer


In the meantime the rest of us who have picked up on this pattern and apparently tacit fact can occupy ourselves with the enjoyment of watching the laudable efforts made by theologians to find unexplored caves of mystery to plant their flags of faith in front of. (whether quantum mechanics, consciousness, life before the big bang, etc. Caves of mystery which remain so until they are explored and exorcised of mystery by those irritatingly irritant spelunking (and debunking) party of scientists, with their pesky headlamps of inquiry…for faith cannot find comfort living in a world of knowledge.)


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P.S. yeah I saw that article earlier this afternoon. Specially loved the Ohio law...It just goes to show you that morals are clearly relative.

dj-jas said...

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