Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Question Mark In The Desert Sands of Syria (so big you can see it from Space!)

The mysteries surrounding the Israeli strike on a Syrian "structure" seem to be blossoming exponentially as more information concerning the incident is slowly being leaked.

There's myriad theories and speculations that are bouncing around on the web, but here are two trust-worthy sources that I recommend you consult if you're interested in the matter:

Jeffery Lewis, Director of the Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative at the New America Foundation, has been dedicating a lot of his posts lately to this topic, over at Arms Control Wonk, and his most recent post is particularly intersting (as are the comments to the post).

Also the China Matters blog has a number of posts found here, here, and here, that you should check out if you're interested in sifting through the sediment of rumors and hypothesis' in the pursuit of a golden nugget of truth. ; - )


dj-jas said...

i read that ACW post and it kind of hurts my head. maybe now we're moving from "treat[ing] the Arab world as a collection of big gas stations" (as thomas friedman says) to a collection of potential nuclear enemies, without ever really addressing their qualms with our policies (read: israel). here's an article about not being confrontational with assad:
but maybe this all just pisses me off because i'm syrian.

dj-jas said...

ps thanks for the comment on my travel blog - istanbul is really an amazing place and i would advise anyone to go there. it is seriously my favorite place. unfortunately i won't be able to be your arabic guide there, because they speak turkish in turkey! and i now know about 5 turkish words. (are you thinking of learning arabic?) it is really a blast there though - you need to go!!