Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Movie Review: Juno

So last night some friends and I (mostly by forceful persuasion of my one friend named Kerry) decided to go out and see the movie Juno. I hadn't read or heard anything about this film, nor had I seen any previews for it, so when the opening scene came on I really thought we were in for a cheap porno flick, but then the opening song and credits came up and the movie went in an entirely different direction. The plot revolves around Ellen Page (who plays the main character Juno in the film) who gets knocked up when impulsivity and boredom get the best of her and she decides to have unprotected sex with her close guy friend Paulie Bleeker, who is played by SuperBad star Michael Cera.

Juno can only be described as a witty, wise beyond her years, sardonic teen, who has a decorum of seemingly irrational rationality, in that she thinks she understands the world better than her elders, which objectifies, in her mind, the choices she makes. Unable to go through with having an abortion, after visiting the Women Now clinic, Juno decides to go through with the baby manufacturing process and begins looking for a suitable adoption family. She finds an ad in one of her friend's cheap magazines, a black and white photo of a husband and wife (the former played by Jason Batemen, and the latter Jennifer Garner), and decides to pay them a visit.

Mark and Vanessa (Bateman and Garner), own a manshion in an upscale neighborhood, and though they intially come off as smug and yuppyish, Juno seems satisfied with them. However, as she will soon learn, giving a baby away to a seemingly perfect family isn't as easy as she originally thought it would be.

Halfway through, the movie takes a few winding twists and tempting turns, and finishes with a grand finale kiss, between, well I don't want to spoil it. Anyways I can't really say anymore, without giving away the ending, but I do recommend you go out and see it.

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