Thursday, January 3, 2008

You Can't Stop Barack, Can't Stop Barack

Looks like Americans (or at least Iowans) prefer change over experience as Obama appears to be the winner on the Democratic side. I think this is a huge win for him, because NH will be an easy win, and most of the south, and certainly the West coast, will vote, I predict, even more decisively in favor of Obama, where as Hillary might win a few states on the eastern coast and in the mid-west, but not enough to put her ahead of Barack. As for the Republicans it looks like Huckabee will win Iowa, but it is doubtful that he will go on to win the republican nomination, I predict either a huge upset from underdog McCain or, more likely, the stronger candidate Mitt Romney to win it. But they will ultimately lose to Obama when we elect our president in '08.

Pumping fists in circular rowing motion:You can't stop Barack, can't stop Barack

(I sure hope he alters the Apollo Forty Four song to those lyrics for the remainder of his campaign).

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Tatarize said...

We elect in '08, he takes office in '09.