Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting in the Gift Spirit

Man, how true is this

Dave Barry:
"I never give presents to any of my male friends, and they never give presents to me, and we're all happy as clams. If a guy ever DOES give a present to another guy, it is almost always intended as a joke. For example, just today I received in the mail, from my friend Jeffrey Berkowitz, an electronic yodeling pickle. (Really: You can order one at I did not own one of these, and I am happy to have it. But I know Jeffrey sent it to me because he thought it was funny. He does not expect a gift in return. He would be stunned if, in response, I sent him some cologne, unless of course it was joke cologne, like Eau de Goat Flatulence."

Thus far all of the gift ideas I have considered getting a few of my guy friends have all been humorous or silly. Nothing a guy would need, but something that would definitely make him laugh is pretty much my philosophy for purchasing gifts for other dudes that are friends. Moreover there's not a lot of things that are soo funny that you just have to buy and send to some other guy for christmas, which is why the philosophy is so wonderful--it masks/justifies my animosity towards having to actually go out and waste my time shopping...

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