Sunday, December 16, 2007

Insightful Sunday: Quote of the Day

So I decided that I'm going to start posting memorable quotes every Sunday. The merits of a good quote for my selection process require one or more of the following three: eloquence, insight, and humor. I've had a hard time deciding which one to start with, but I finally decided on one that was particularly memorable to me, because I remember at the time, when I discovered it, I felt like it described me to a t.

The man divided against himself looks for excitement and distraction; he loves strong passions, not for sound reasons, but because for the moment they take him outside himself and prevent the painful necessity of thought. Any passion is to him a form of intoxication, and since he cannot conceive of fundamental happiness, all relief from pain appears to him solely possible in the form of intoxication. - Bertrand Russell

Good ol' Bert. Anyways feel free to post a favorite of yours in the comments section below.

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