Friday, December 14, 2007

Sex With Circuits

Blogger John Hawks has a post on his blog which suggests that in the not too distant future electricity will no longer be the only thing that turns robots on...Since it is likely that they will eventually become sexual partners to their creators, us.

[T]here will soon come a day when people fall in love with robots and want them
for companions, friends, love objects and possibly even partners for sex and

That day is imminent, [writer David] Levy writes, especially
the sex part. By the middle of this century, he predicts, "love with robots will
be as normal as love with other humans, while the number of sexual acts and
lovemaking positions commonly practiced between humans will be extended, as
robots teach more than is in all of the world's published sex manuals
I personally don't think I could ever muster up the needed attraction to want to sleep with a robot, but who knows, if robots do one day achieve spitting imitations of human behavior and resemblence, well, it could become a possibility. It would certainly be economically appealing, as it would greatly reduce the amount of money one has to spend on dinners, drinks, gifts, and condoms...

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