Tuesday, December 18, 2007

VCU Study Points Out the Obvious

After all, guys need to use something to trick girls into sleeping with them...if their judgment isn't clouded, it will rarely be persuaded--and not all guys have charms and good looks (to all my feminist viewership I mean this in the most sarcastic of ways, but I definitely think it is perhaps one of the main reasons for the correlation this study says to have found. Guys are douche bags).

Via HealthScout:
For girls, especially, having friends of the opposite sex during adolescence can raise the likelihood for alcohol use.

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University analyzed data on 4,700 twins in Finland...

"Our findings suggest that girls may be more susceptible to their friends' drinking and that having opposite-sex friends who drink is also associated with increased drinking," corresponding author Danielle Dick, now of Virginia Commonwealth University, said in a prepared statement.

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